"The Aussie "Pub Rock" Experience

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Dale (Fridgie)  Vocals / Bass guitar 
 Dale has without  question, has one of the   best  voices on the east coast of Australia - Big Call! He also has an on-stage presence and  personality... Read More Dale

Mick (Micko) Drums/Vocals
Mick is also an ex Sydney musician, bringing 25 years of experience to this powerful outfit. He has traveled around the county, and abroad..Read moreMick

Deano (Trouty) Lead guitar/backing vocals. Deano has been performing live consistently on the coast for the past 20 years. He was the original guitarist of top local Power trio.. 'Read moreDean


 The Aussie "Pub Rock" Experience


Occarock is a  Power Trio that plays Great Aussie Pub Rock.  A Cover Band, that likes to rock, sweat, play, and entertain with a passionate attitude. They enjoy playing, and it shows. Every Gig, punters are amazed, about the huge sound the they produce, and the intense, passionate way in the way it is delivered. No music stands allowed on their Stage!!!! 

The Band has now been gigging around the traps for over 11 years with the same line-up - not many acts can say the same.

Along with an awesome PA, lights, banners, and stage presence, Occarock have a fantastic repertoire to back it up.

The repertoire consists of classic’s from the 70’s through to today, that helped build, and shape Australia's Pub rock scene, and projected many artist to fame, such as  AC/DC, INXS, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil.

As one happy publican was quoted to say: “every person in the room knew each one of the songs—what a great concept!” And it is a great concept, because Aussie rock has it own edge!. It represents all of us, and reflects the emotions of our nation at the time. And what is the best way to celebrate it, than to pay tribute to it. Along with some International covers, that they play to pay homage to some of their own personal influences. Get off ya asses,  and go and see them, say g'day, and Like them on FaceBook..


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